Connell McCormick

Gangrel Garou Hunter


Connell McCormick

Gangrel Garou hunter. Second generation Irish; his family line ended with him.

1) What was your mortal life like? Have any family? A Job? How much of that do you still cling to?

He was a family man, worked in a mill. His wife died during childbirth of their third leaving him to try and raise the kids by himself. His children were murdered one night by ‘wolves.’ He hunted them down only to discover that the creature was just a wolf but a werewolf. The werewolf attacked, mortally wounding him. A stranger fought if off.

2) How were you embraced? Why where you chosen? Are you close to your sire? What kind of relationship do you have?

Out of admiration for his courage and raw power his sire offered him embrace to extend his life. With thoughts of vengeance he eagerly accepted. The vampire warned him not to be wreckless and taught him how to control his anger. They are rather close due to the rarity of their kind. It is a mentor pupil relationship but to the sire perhaps it’s more parental.

3) What motivates your character? Does she have any short term goals? Long term goals?

Vengeance fuels his motivation. He aggressively seeks to annihilate the werewolves and his enemy, Jareth.

4) What’s the biggest challenge about being embraced?

Controlling frenzy and temper. Patience to learn the disciplines that will allow him to overcome his enemies.

5) What is your characters greatest fear? Greatest weakness? Greatest strength?

Failure is his greatest fear. Failure to become strong enough to defeat his adversary; failure to live long enough to make it to the confrontation. His weakness is his blind ambition. It will get him into trouble. Especially concerning any werewolf ‘pets’ other vampires possess. His greatest strength is physical prowess. He is clever but not nearly as clever as he is tough.

6) If you were a character in a book, movie, play, tv show, or song…who would your character be and why

I think my character would fit the background idea of Selene from Underworld but the individual character is more like Michael Corvin in nature.

Connell McCormick

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