Grey Haven

The first game

The dusk of the evening our coterie was presented to the Prince was a hot, muggy, particularly humid one. Each of us woke, prepared ourselves and headed out in a way we found fitting.

Dahlia woke lightly wrapped in silken sheets. She traded those for the gentle caress of a robe for the short time it took her to walk to the bath that had been prepared for her. As she soaked in the tub her Retainer, Vivienne, went over her engagements of the day. She dined on her property manager after he apologized for the broken air conditioner, and then prepared herself for her meeting with the Prince. Her Retainer did her hair and make-up, she donned an evening gown, and she drove her favorite car to the Prince’s mansion, where the letters PB adorned the gates.

David walked to the affair, following her Sire through the sewers. While they walked they talked… mostly about what it meant to be a vampire and a part of the Camarilla.

Lena worked her normal shift at the pharmacy then drove to a gas station to change into her party wear. While there she was harassed by something invisible playing with the lights and the water. It left some nuts for her on the sink and jammed the door closed. She had to climb out the bathroom window, and she was late to the party.

Connell was sitting on his front porch when his Sire arrived to pick him up. The two drove to the party together while Dylan spoke about one of his many wives and told a story about twins. He seemed worried that Connell would have regrets about his new life style. He also mentioned that the Gangrel are few now. Once known for their loyalty they chose the wrong side in a conflict a few years ago, and are no longer really a part of the Camarilla.

Once at the mansion each of the party members interacted with a gate guard, a pair of door guards and the Whip Julian Bontemps. They were lead into a ball room where they waited for their summons to meet the Prince and interacted to some extent with the various members of the court. Once summoned before the Prince they walked into an arboretum centered around a statue of John the Baptist and were assigned the mission of recovering a picture of the mayor screwing a stripper with the stage name of Belladonna. One of the Nos handed the Prince a file of information which the Prince gave to the coterie. It contained an information sheet describing the stripper, Amber Campbell, and four pictures. Mayor Scumbag, her with a stripper pole and a pulse wrist band, her leaving her purse behind at a gas station, her with her car (stolen 2 weeks ago) between Grey Haven and New Orleans, a close up of her face without her necklace.

The Prince hurried on his way, clearly consumed with other matters, perhaps thinking that this attempt to enlarge their numbers by having each of the Primogen choose a childe would fail as the last one did. The coterie wandered back out into the main hall where everyone was rapidly leaving, then headed outside to take their leave and start their mission.


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