Purple Monkey Dishwasher


A giant giant crazy* man who is probably the Malkavian Primogen. He talks, dresses, and draws like a child. HE HAS CONVERSATIONS WITH HIS NUTCRACKER MR. BUTTONS! He likes shoes. He judges people on the basis of whether they have nice shoes or not. For example, “Uncle Phillip” — the Prince — has the “Bestest Shooz”.

The Primogen of a clan acts as that clan’s representative and is responsible for voicing that clan’s concerns to the Prince. The Primogen Council is composed of all Primogen within a city and is supposed to advise the Prince in his rule and provide a check to his power. A Primogen might be appointed by the Prince, elected through the consensus of their clan, or simply declare themselves to be Primogen. Much like the position of Prince there is no formal process for becoming a Primogen. The only requirement is that they be able to hold the position without being toppled by other contenders.

*alternatively sane. Timmy’s derangement may be his childlike mind or this could have been a feature of his human self.


He is afraid of the Black Man/The Rag Man.

He likes puppies but isn’t allowed to have one. He ate his last one… or at least its tail. He states that Mr. Buttons fought with Mr. Puppy (and also Mr. Kitty). Whether Mr. Puppy and Mr. Kitty are actual animals or names given to people that Timmy has eaten is a matter yet unresolved. When asked what Mr. Kitty was, Timmy responded that Mr. Kitty was a kitty, then Timmy started to pretend that he himself was a kitty.

Talisman takes care of him.

He is really fond of Dahlia, who he calls “Miss Dollie”.

Lena’s Aura Perception on Timmy gives a faint reading (vampire) with bits of brown interspersed with sparkles of violet. The violet and brown swirl around each other rhythmically. Faint, dim black tendrils creeping over his shoulder then fade back.


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