The Rag Man

don't talk to him


Said to dress all in black. Timmy says he smells really bad and he always turns off the lights.

Depicted by Timmy as a man in black and a half white/half black tophat with an abstractly humanoid form. Unlike the other depictions of people and animals, The Rag Man does not have legs, feet, or even “shooz”. The Rag Man is also depicted on a background of flames.


Mr. Buttons does not want Lena — or perhaps anyone — to talk to The Rag Man. If they do, this will make Mr. Buttons angry. Lena has promised to not intentionally talk to The Rag Man.

It is possible that The Rag Man is the man that David spoke to outside of Vito Giovanni’s warehouse near the docks.

The Rag Man

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