Talisman Langley

The Snowflake Princess, Toreador Primogen, and Keeper of Elysium


The Keeper of Elysium is responsible for maintaining Elysium and enforcing it’s rules. The absolute rule common to all Elysia is that violence is prohibited. If a fight breaks out, it is the responsibility of the Keeper to stop the altercation and punish the offender. Other rules for various Elysia have arisen around this central axiom. In some cases all weaponry is banned, as possession of a weapon in Elysium seems to declare one’s willingness to commit violence. Sometimes the use of disciplines which have a potential to be used for aggressive purposes, such as Potence or Dominate, are banned as well. In extreme cases, all weaponry and use of disciplines may be forbidden. It is expected that other Kindred will aid the Keeper in defending Elysium and help to subdue the aggressor, should a fight break out.


Talisman is in a relationship with Alexander Black (?)

Talisman has been acting as a guide to the kindred community for Lena.

Talisman is Timmy’s guardian.

Mr. Buttons hates Talisman.

Portrait of herself hanging in the ballroom of the Baptiste Mansion.

She occaisionally sings at the Domino room.

Talisman commands a group of roughly 10 Tori’s, half male.

Talisman Langley

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