Prince Sebastian Caccini

Prince of New Orleans


The general consensus is that you would be watched very closely. Most of the kindred there are new-ish to town and have no idea about the feud. Some of the older ones remember.

The two cities are roughly an hour apart, and its pretty common to see NO vamps in GH, its generally never for good purposes.

The Brujah primogen actually came over from NO

The Prince in NO is a Brujah. Apparently a very old brujah. The beef apparently stems from a lover’s quarrel and something to do with Carthage.

The NO prince currently has his hands full fending off Sabbat scout packs. They own everything on the East Coast except New York. Miami has recently fallen if the Hand chooses to push west, GH/NO is a likely target. Anything further, they would meet a wealth of Garou resistance, esp in taxes. The next kindred stronghold is Dallas

Philip doesn’t seemed too bothered by the feud, at least it seems he’s forgotten about it. The general opinion is that the NO prince is the instigator, and in the deal, got the short end of the stick.

Prince Caccini (Often called “Cash”) is often known as the oldest kindred in the states


Prince Sebastian Caccini

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