Philip Baptiste

More like your high school guidance counselor, just way better looking.


The Prince is he or she who holds praxis over a region and declares it their domain. In that domain, they are the ultimate authority. Justicars aside, they have the final say in their realm. The position of Prince is not hereditary. Any Kindred can technically declare praxis over a domain. However, in the event of their claim being contested, they can and will come to blows, and often fatal ones at that, with whatever other parties are vying for control. The end result is that the vast majority of Princes are the eldest and most powerful Kindred in the city. Princes may appoint officers, create laws and even call a Blood Hunt, the decree that all Camarilla-loyal Kindred in the domain are to seek out the destruction of an individual.


His Supreme Excellency

He has pale green eyes

He said: Keep our numbers small, stay hidden, don’t do anything stupid (like reveal yourself to your family)

The last time he had all the Primogen create childer it didn’t work out. We are attempt 2.

Mayor Bridges’ good friend, wants his good friend’s promotion as a Christmas present.

There is a long standing feud between Grey Haven and New Orleans. Apparently the beef between your Ventrue Baptiste and New Orleans’ Brujah Prince started over a woman. Or money, depending who you ask. The rivalry has been ongoing since the Prohibition Era, exacerbated by the influx of goodfellas in New Orleans. Grey Haven responded with the O’Doyles, a Ventrue backed Irish mob. Aside from the occasional outburst of violence, most of the really power struggle takes place behind the kindred veil, or between politicians. If the shining white knight Emerson Bridges can make a strong enough bid for Governor in November, it would surely give Grey Haven a fiscal and political edge.

Timmy thinks he has the bestest shooz.

Philip Baptiste

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