Olivia St. Claire

A pretty red headed southern belle, and yes..."THEE" Oliva St. Claire


The Seneschal acts as second-in-command to the Prince and is next in line to be Prince of the domain should the current Prince fall. They are always appointed by the Prince alone and are oftentimes either the childe or chosen successor of the Prince. In this way the Prince can assure that someone similar to them will rule in the event of their Final Death. As not all Princes wish to dwell on such a succession, not all appoint Seneschals.


She is the Prince’s childe.

She has a fortune in cotton and textiles.

She lost interest in men some time around WWII.

Dahlia’s Sire and Mentor.

Olivia met Philip in 1937. He had just came down from Chicago. Was in charge of a rum running racket, hustling booze from the Indies up north. Her daddy was a publishing magnate. After Philip bought the Grey Haven Tribune, he could have say over what was published in the paper, which threw the feds off his trail. He and her father were close, often cutting him in on some of his illegal activities. Philip also comes from a cotton/indigo plantation. Ink and paper work well together, the two made loads of money. They basically met at formal occasions and started a formal courtship. When Olivia’s father was slain by rival Giovanni mobsters, he embraced her. The Italians were trying to get at Baptiste. Phil needed a firm grasp on his investments, and she was pliable.

Shortly after prohibition lifted, Philip had asserted himself somewhat of a super power in the Delta region. He fell in love with the area and made a bid for the throne. With his old country money, suspicious friends, and years of posturing, he just needed the opportunity. WWII gave him that. Most kindred went into hiding. A huge influx emigrated to the states. He rallied influence and mustered significant backing that the previous prince abdicated the throne without a fight

Olivia St. Claire

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