Harley "Nailz"

Under the roadmap of scars, swastika tattoos, and 200 pounds of hatred, there lies a genuine, Grade A... asshole.


The Sheriff is responsible for the enforcement of the Prince’s law, the punishment of those who break said laws, the execution of the Blood Hunt and, in contested cities, military leadership of the Camarilla’s forces against its opposition. The Prince’s law differs from city to city. In some domains, the laws may be limited to only the six traditions. In others, the various specific edicts of the Prince could fill entire tomes and cover material ranging from court etiqette to the individual designation of feeding grounds. The Sheriff is expected to enforce the entirety of the domain’s law, however far it might extend. Sheriff is an office which is solely the appointed by the Prince and solely responsible to the Prince, and the Sheriff is often understandably perceived as the officer most loyal to the Prince. It is, in fact, commonplace in some regions for the Sheriff to be the Prince’s thrall.


He is in a relationship with the bartender.

N: Sure, I know him. Yeah, me and the Man in Black, we’re on a first name basis.
L: What’s his name?
N: Vincent… Van Gogh fuck yourself, kook.

His real name is Harley.

He fought in WW2, Normandy.

Does the Prince’s dirty work.

He has a very dirty past involving defecting from the Sabbat

Harley "Nailz"

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