Mr. Buttons

When he gets angry, people die.


Timmy’s nutcracker and imaginary friend*.

*According to Lena’s assessment, Mr. Buttons is not an imaginary friend. Rather, Mr. Buttons is a full personality on his own. Whether he is the manifestation or personification of the beast within Timmy or the remains of a person/vampire whose soul Timmy has consumed remains unknown.


Mr. Buttons hates Talisman. This is possibly due to the way that Talisman treats Timmy.

Mr. Buttons seems to get along with Lena.

Mr. Buttons does not want Lena — or perhaps anyone — to speak to The Rag Man, who was depicted by Timmy as a man in black and a half white/half black tophat with an abstractly humanoid form. Unlike the other depictions of people and animals, The Rag Man does not have legs, feet, or even “shooz”. The Rag Man is also depicted on a background of flames. If Lena talk to The Rag Man then Mr. Buttons will get angry; when Mr. Buttons gets angry, people die. Lena promised not to talk to The Rag Man on purpose.

Mr. Buttons has “Fought with Mr Puppy and Mr Kitty” according to Timmy’s drawing. Mr. Kitty is depicted as blooding from the neck/upper chest and also as wearing shoes.

Mr. Buttons appears to Lena as the nutcracker. She hears the voice in her head but the jaw of the nutcracker moves in sync with the words.

He has no aura.

Mr. Buttons

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