Freddie Pertucci

Leisure Suit Larry


Things fall off of trucks and end up in the back of Freddie’s rape van.

We met Freddie and were escorted to a van through a narrow alleyway.

We examined his jewelry and nothing similar to Amber’s necklace was to be found.

Lena read his aura as: bright lime green with waves of purple, shifting to a darker green. In the center of his aura, near his heart, was a burst of red, which pulsated with his heart beat.

Freddie seems to have a stash of illicit goods, perhaps weapons, for sale.

He probably smelled of fried onions.


Freddie the Corpse Fucker Pertucci apparently has a taste for murdering hookers and banging their freshly dead bodies.

His boss is Vito Giovanni.

He sent Amber to see Leftover 3-4 weeks before we met him.

Freddie Pertucci

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