Good ol' boy. One of three reported Gangrel left in Grey Haven


The Primogen of a clan acts as that clan’s representative and is responsible for voicing that clan’s concerns to the Prince. The Primogen Council is composed of all Primogen within a city and is supposed to advise the Prince in his rule and provide a check to his power. A Primogen might be appointed by the Prince, elected through the consensus of their clan, or simply declare themselves to be Primogen. Much like the position of Prince there is no formal process for becoming a Primogen. The only requirement is that they be able to hold the position without being toppled by other contenders.


He has had 33 wives and has a story about each of them.

He believes a man should live without regrets.

His father was a fraternal twin. His uncle was the bad twin. They died within a day of each other.

He is Connell’s Sire.


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