Grey Haven

Session 2

Lena panicked. She attempted to batter her way out of the locked bathroom, then she frenzied, exploding out of the room and tearing into Oscar. David and Connell struggled for control of her while Dahlia turned the open sign to closed and locked the door. She couldn’t find any light controls behind the counter so she carefully picked her way past the bloody, messy struggle to the once locked office. She shut off all the lights, including the ones for the parking lot and pumps, and then she studied the surveillance equipment. She guessed the logon information in seconds, and once she had confirmed that there was no online backup of the evening’s activities she disconnected everything and packed up every bit that she thought might be useful.
Out in the hall Lena was back in control of herself… or as much so as she e ever was. David and Connell were arguing about how to handle Oscar’s rapidly cooling corpse. Dahlia took control, sending David out into the lobby to check for passersby and gather some cleaning supplies, then supervising while Oscar and the office supplies were separately bagged. After a short discussion Dahlia went out into the parking lot to make sure that the officer next door stayed distracted. The other three snuck out to Lena’s car and stuffed Oscar into the trunk.
Connell knew a good place in the swamp to dispose of a body and the group drove out there. They fed Oscar to a gator that David attracted then took Lena to a campground shower to clean up. Dahlia called Olivia to report the murder and cover up and everyone piled back into the vehicles. After a nervous breakdown or two the four pulled into the parking lot at Pulse. They were met by the Tremere primogen and a fifth neonate wannabe was added to the group.
Inside Pulse Dahlia learned nothing from, but had a good time with, a pair of college students. David watched a man talk on his cell phone. Kat engaged a drummer student of hers in conversation and Lena challenged the student’s drug dealing, far too knowing, vampire buddy Leftover to a drinking contest. They learned that the pair hadn’t seen Amber in more than a week and that three (likely) vampire bands would be playing at the Safety Pin on Saturday night. Leftover was a part of Ripping Hammer. Wear Black Drink Red hailed from New Orleans and Burnt by the Sun was coming from Sabbat controlled Miami.
From there the group travelled to the Forbidden Fruit to speak with Amber’s boss and co-workers. Dahlia tried to make the drive there as interesting for her passengers as possible while David drove Lena’s car. Conversation with Amber’s boss got them nowhere as he had not seen her recently. They learned that some drummer hand gotten to handsy with her before she vanished, she owed her roommate a month’s rent, and that the guy in the hoodie from the gas station surveillance photo was likely her boyfriend Eddie Bohn.
Next the group went down the block to speak with Freddie Pertucci, whose name had been dropped in several conversations. Freddie was willing to chatter at the characters and sell them black market goods, but not talk about his boss or the types of ‘movies’ Amber was supposedly now starring in. He offered to give some names and contact information to the coterie if they would collect a thousand dollars from a college aged gambler named Connor who was likely watching the game at the Full Moon Saloon.


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