Grey Haven

a long night's night

OOC: Session played December 22.

Connell, David, Lena, and Katrina entered the Full Moon Saloon expecting a bit of trouble. They had come there to do a favor for Freddie Pertucci in exchange for information. The assignment was to confront Conner Burns, a kid who owed Freddie money on a gambling debt, and either get his money for him or rough him up.

As the motley crew entered the saloon, their eyes settled on “cell phone guy,” a man who had been engrossed in his cell phone at the last establishment, the Forbidden Fruit. The party had also seen “cell phone guy” at Club Pulse. At the Forbidden Fruit, he sounded as thought he was talking to his girlfriend. At Club Pulse, he appeared to have been playing Angry Birds. He seemed to be talking to the girlfriend again at the Full Moon Saloon. Lena read his bright, mortal aura as primarily consisting of lavender that faded out into yellow at the edges. Occasionally, rhythmically, the lavender flickers into a bright orange and back. Katrina noted that lavender indicated a conservative person, while yellow could mean fear if it were a sickly yellow or idealism if it were a blazing yellow. The flashes of orange, however, indicated fear, which seemed at odds with the cell phone guy’s calm demeanor.

The team moves on to the quarry: Conner Burns, a La Crosse student from LSU visiting Grey Haven for the summer. Lena and Connell confront him but he ignores them, focusing instead on the game. Lena asks who his bookie is but Conner claims that the bet that he has placed on the current game is simply between friends. He gestured toward the table that had been recently vacated in favor of another one farther away from Connell. Conner Burns was in possession of a poopy brown aura, dripping of bitterness but not vampire pale. While Conner was conversing (bitching at) Lena and Connell, Katrina noticed that he had a pin on his pocket of a shamrock – the symbol of the local Irish Mob. Conner stated several times that his dad owned a dealership and could cause trouble for us if we caused trouble for him, and Katrina suspected his entire family of mob ties. Katrina also came to the conclusion (and later announced to the group) that she thought that it was likely that Freddie Pertucci, being Italian in nature, might have ties to the Italian mob in New Orleans, increasing the likelihood of rivalry with the Irish mob and Conner’s family. Katrina later noticed that Conner had a gun – he was definitely not just a college kid.

David swipes Conner’s money clip (later revealed to hold a mere $123) and walks away. Lena attempts to talk things out with Conner, but the frat boy continued to give her nothing. Connell becomes impatient and roughs him up a little, but the kid seems to have little information. Since the money the kid had on him was already taken, Connell walks away, towards David, and Lena follows suit.

The bartender at the Full Moon Saloon was the same as the one at the Mansion from earlier that evening, the girl the party thought was probably Nailz’s girlfriend. Here, though, her manner was courteous and professional, at least to David, while at the Mansion she was rough and rude. Lena reads her a bit later as a hypnotic swirl of vermilion. When asked later, Katrina confirmed that vermilion indicated happiness, a strange odds with the bartender’s earlier behavior.

In the back of the Full Moon Saloon we notice the cowgirl and a man with a cigar as being those who had visited the gas station before us. The aura of Cowgirl vamp — Ellum — gave off a faint reading of royal purple with streaks of crimson flowing through it like a stream. Thousands of black veins of chaos bubble throughout her aura. The cowgirl came up to the bar next to Katrina and ordered drinks for a group of girls playing pool. Katrina recognized the girls from Club Pulse, and one in particular was her student. While Ellum was at the bar, Katrina saw that on the inside of her right palm was an insignia shaped like a crescent moon. Katrina identified this marking as thaumaturgical. This blood magic marking was placed there to identify Ellum as a member of the “Black Hand”: a powerful, militant subgroup of Sabbat. Ellum’s aura reading indicated aggression, perhaps some kind of lust and more diablerie than Katrina had ever seen before. Later, Katrina realized that she could not see Ellum’s reflection in the bar mirror, indicating that Ellum was a Lasombra, the clan of shadow.

Cigar man — Cage — was by all accounts a thin biker dude. His aura was dim as well, dominated by a light blue that faded into a pale yellow, reminiscent of the wallpaper at the Bates Motel. Katrina could tell that the light blue implied that Cage was very calm, but she was uncertain as to the meaning of the yellow shade. Yellow is difficult to interpret. The black tendrils spread out in his aura were many, although not nearly as many as those of Ellum, but still indicated Cage was also a diablerist. Cage wore a denim vest and biker boots, had a bit of ethnic in him. As David tried to exit the Full Moon Saloon, Cage stopped him with a hand to the chest. The two went back and forth, David trying to remove Cage’s hand and Cage refusing to allow it, but never saying anything to David, no matter how much David yelled at him. It was later revealed that Cage had no tongue.

Inside the bar, Ellum talked with Katrina. The two went back and forth, mincing words in a contest where nobody won and Katrina was very stupid. Instead of being appropriately manipulative, she revealed that she had some level of fondness for the human girl Tammy, while trying to get Ellum to go light on Tammy and focus on the other two girls. Katrina obviously had no idea what kind of violence the two Sabbat would get into. Ellum told Katrina that she had better get outside and help her boy (David), declaring that Cage would give him “a new hole to shit through.”

Calm guy at the end of the bar who stares at Connell gives a very intense aura off to Katrina, who reads him as vibrant, bright rainbow of myriad colors. The aura was so bright that Katrina almost fell off her bar stool. She had never seen anything like it and could not identify his species nor his emotional state.

As a fight begins to break out between David and Cage, Connell and Lena line up to also exit the Full Moon Saloon. Lena reads Cage’s demeanor as entertained, but calm. The bartender frantically begins dialing the phone as shots were fired, and people begin to relocate themselves to the back of the bar.

Cage, Lena, Connell, David take the fight outside. Some posturing ensues. Moving with vampiric Celerity, Cage melds Davids hand to Connell’s face. The two rapidly part ways. David draws his pistol while the Gangrel extends his claws. Cage quickly zooms to the street and plucks a parking meter from the curb, that rapid proceeds to slam the business end of it into the face of a passing bar patron. The girl has her face rendered concave, dying on impact as she careened through the air before finally crashing into the front entrance of the Saloon. David pops of three shoots, landing only one, sending Cage reeling one or two steps. Connell gives chase and opens up a nasty claw wound across his face. Cage, kinda impressed, wholly disregards the attack, and proceeds to send the parking meter clear through the torso of the other passerby. This caused his chest to explode and collapse in a pile of mangle viscera on the pavement. David, relentless, managed to sink two shots into Cage this time, though he heard the lead hit the pavement as the wounds rapidly closed. Since Cage remains emotionally calm throughout his attack, Lena intensifies his emotional state in an effort to make him sloppy. The tactic proved useful as it bought time for Connell to score a nasty blow, spilling out a wealth of Cage’s insides via a brutal rend. David, ever giving chase, lets three more shots go, all of them sail wide of Cage’s doge. He did however manage to take out a driver who just happened to be turning the corner, killing him instantly. The car slammed off others and careened up onto the curb. Cage used this opportunity to flip the vehicle and take cover behind it.

In the meantime, Katrina realized that Ellum has disappeared with Tammy. She went looking for them, and found Tammy slumped in the far corner of the bar, out of sight of any of the patrons. with resignation, Katrina approached Tammy’s body, expecting the girl to be dead. She realized upon a quick aura inspection that Tammy had actually be turned and was about to become a baby vampire. Katrina’s first reaction was to taste Tammy’s blood, and she determined that Tammy’s generation upon becoming wholly a vampire would be 9th, indicating that Ellum must be an 8th generation vampire. Tammy’s clan would have been Lasombra, which finalized Katrina’s deduction of Ellum’s clan.

A frenzied newly-minted naked vampire pops out of a trunk and attacks Lena, biting into her left tricep. She manages to dodge him enough to prevent most of the damage, then reaches into his mind to calm his frenzy. The naked figure squats down against the outer wall of the bar in calm, docile embarrassment. A second frenzied vamps pops out and is parted like the Red Sea by Connell who had come over to assist the defenseless Malk. Shortly thereafter, several shadowy tendrils grab hold off the bulky Gangrel and hoist him into the air, slamming him down on the tin roof of the bar.

David continues to give chase, managing to score a few more shots as Ellum pulls up the getaway car. Ever an asshole, Cage launches himself high into the air and pounces on the over turned car with authority, pancaking it, and surely smooshing the surviving passenger.

Katrina called her sire, Sahari, to report the newly made Lasombra vampire and request permission to destroy the childe for the safety of everyone in the bar (and in the city). Sahari began to panic as Katrina informed her of the damage the two Sabbat were causing and the rising body count. She told Katrina that she was calling Nailz and that the group should leave the area immediately. She also gave Katrina permission to end the childe. As quickly as possible, before Tammy could fully Turn, Katrina bent forward and drained her of her last remaining blood point and put her peacefully into final sleep. The experience was heart-wrenching for Katrina. Then she proceeded to shove Tammy’s body and herself out the window, hopping into the parking lot where she could see the horrific damage.

Nailz and the big Samoan-looking tattooed guy quickly arrived in a Hummer. Katrina saw, in the distance, that the Samoan guy had a pale pink vampiric aura, indicating (oddly enough) that his dominant emotion was compassion. Nailz killed Scott, the first frenzied vampire, like he did Lena’s sire. Ellum used a shadow power to get a nearly double-dead Cage into her vehicle and drive off. Katrina asked Nailz (angering him of course) what she should do with Tammy’s body, and he told her that since Tammy had no bullet wounds and didn’t match the other bodies, it was Katrina’s responsibility to dispose of it. The party climbs into the Taurus and drove off, while the stringy-haired calm guy in the bar continued to watch Connell, calmly, eerily.

On the way to dispose of the body of the college girl in the trunk, Freddie called Lena. He was in a panic. Since his location was on the way to visit the gator, we stopped at his dingy motel. David stayed in the car while Lena, Connell, and Katrina went up the stairs to see what Freddie’s problem was. Soon, the three learned that Freddie had managed to meat hook an Asian hooker named Tina. Lena assured Freddie that we will “take care of his problem”, in exchange for the name of Freddie’s boss. The fact that Freddie had called us, of all people, implied to Katrina that he might know that we were vampires.

Freddie divulged that two weeks ago, he had put Amber in touch with Leftover. Amber was a top earner with some expensive habits. Leftover supplied her with some self-medications: perhaps her weed, ecstasy, and coke on the weekends. Some six to eight days ago, a casting call was put out for a classy busty brunette to participate in a certain exclusive line of adult entertainment videos.

Freddie’s boss — Vito Giovanni — seems to be a nice family man from Jersey who owned the cinematographic establishment — Dirt Merchant Entertainment — as a side business. The studio is located at Warehouse 138. Freddie said that they ask for 3-4 girls per week. Katrina told the group that Vito “The Violin” Giovanni was a former mob enforcer from Chicago who made himself famous during the Prohibition era by killing 72 people with violin strings. Vito supposedly has a tattoo of a musical note to commemorate each victim. Vito supposedly serves clientele with “specialized tastes.” Dirt Merchant Entertainment is the parent company of a handful of strip clubs and a porn production business. Since Vito made his name so many years ago, it was obvious that he must be a vampire. Katrina specified that he was obviously a vampire of Clan Giovanni, an independent, non-Camarilla clan that specializes in necromancy (the most disgusting of magical arts, she declared).

Katrina told the party that she suspected that Freddie was a necrophiliac, which would explain both the dead hooker that Freddie fucked for at least an hour before “noticing that she was dead” and Freddie’s relationship to a Giovanni vampire. Because of this, Lena left the greasy bastard with some dark, self-loathing thoughts to look forward to.

With Tina the dead hooker wrapped in a shower curtain and the college girl both in the trunk, the party drove on to deliver the goods to their old pal the gator. While there, Lena and Katrina noticed a man snapping pictures from the swamp. Connell and David spotted him on Katrina’s signal. Katrina recognized him as the party’s stalker, cell phone guy, based on his aura. He was taking pictures of Connell carrying bodies into the swamp. A chase ensued, and resulted in the lead-induced permanent coma of the mortal. A search of his body revealed an FBI badge. Unfortunately, he was far too dead to question. The party dumped the FBI agent into the bayou with Tammy and Tina.

Each of the party returned to their home base for an intense fifteen hours of sleep. They were suddenly awakened by the sounds of their phones. On the other end of the line was the sire of each of the party (except Lena, who hears Talisman). They were told to watch the news broadcast, which showed the body of the FBI agent that David had killed in the bayou and the party had dumped there for the gators. Apparently, the body was found at the intersection of Garden and Royale, far away from the bayou! The body had distinct puncture wounds and had been drained of blood. It still possessed the gunshot wounds to the head. The party did not drain the body of blood, and what vampire would take the blood of a dead body? The party was summoned to the Mansion immediately.


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