Grey Haven

A bloody start to a Second Night

Vito's warehouse

The party all woke up to the sounds of their phones ringing. Mentors and Sires ordered them to watch the news, and each neonate saw the coverage of a body dropped in the middle of a downtown intersection. The body turned out to be that of the FBI agent that the party had killed and left for the gators in the swamp the night before, except the gunshot wounds to his head were repaired and his body was drained of blood (with two puncture wounds to the neck). It seems that even killing James Bishop of missing persons hadn’t made him into less of a problem.

Summoned by the Prince, they went immediately to his mansion. Lena and Connell filled Dahlia in on the events of the night before while she drove. Katrina was allowed into the Mansion with no hassle whatsoever, despite having never visited before. Nailz applauded their entrance while the rest of the guests tried to pretend things were normal. Katrina recognized the man previously referred to as Distinguished Beard – Garrett Reed, a Tremere and one of the Harpies. David confronted the Tremere Harpy and vented about the bodies he’d disposed of. Dahlia cringed inside and threw her focus into playing the piano… the mindless comfort of a childhood activity. Talisman had ears only for Dahlia’s playing, and Timmy gave Lena a picture that he drew for her. Lena peered at the auras of Timmy and Mr. Buttons and found that Mr. Buttons had no aura, while Timmy’s aura was brown with sparkles of violet that swirled into the brown. Timmy’s aura had very faint black tendrils.

The party was lead into an empty theater room with four rows of five seats. The room was very empty with a library-like feel. Katrina sensed that someone was obfuscated in the room. In the Prince’s private movie theater, the party was treated to a slide show of everyone who died at the Full Moon Saloon or afterwards. The Prince seemed uninformed about the Sabbat activities. The fledgling were dressed down for the violence and assigned extra tasks in punishment for their perceived responsibility. Specifically, Prince Philipe told the party that retrieving the photo of Amber with the mayor was first base, getting the bodies out of the morgue was second base, and he implied that there was a third base, but did not detail what that might be. He also informed the party that killing people and causing the mess at the Full Moon Saloon was strike one.

After the lecture, Dahlia spoke to Spencer (Anime Guy), the Ventrue Harpy, about Vito and found out that Spencer had been tailing Amber before her disappearance. Katrina spent some time speculating about what might have caused the change in the body of the FBI agent. She determined that Vissicitude, the Tzimisce fleshcrafting discipline, could have been used to smooth away the wounds on the agent’s head, and Vissicitude could have been used to place the puncture holes and the body could have been drained manually for some reason.

Alexis displayed what might be multiple personality disorder when she completely did not remember what happened at the Full Moon Saloon the night before. Her emotional state was totally different, as evidenced by her aura. Alexis told the party that the Samoan guy that knew her and Nailz was called Headache. She also said that the Prince, our sires, Julian, Agatha and Garrett were having a meeting before we arrived. All of the highest court members went to a meeting with their Prince, presumably back to the meeting they had already been having. Dahlia let the rest of the party know that Nailz was a Sabbat defector. Katrina wondered when he defected and where he came from, before he moved to Grey Haven. She also wondered why he defected, and pointed out to the rest of the party that the Sabbat violently hate defectors, and we should expect the two Sabbat to target Nailz. If they do not, it is suspicious, and perhaps Nailz is not truly a defector after all.

Katrina spoke to Officer Ryan, a friend of hers on the Grey Haven police force while Dahlia drove the party to her place to discuss plans. Katrina discovered that the FBI had possession of the corpses that party had been tasked with retrieving and that special agent Lundy was now in charge of the case. The FBI morgue is at the field office in New Orleans. Officer Ryan mentioned that there were 6 or 7 FBI agents on the case. After discussing their leads and their options, the party decided to go to Vito Giovanni’s warehouse in search of Amber’s trail.

The party traveled to Warehouse 138, supposedly belonging to Vito Giovanni. Outside of the warehouse, the grounds were littered with bums, garbage dumpsters full of sheets and blankets stained with every human fluid, and more bums. “This is an area where crime happens,” quoth the GM. We went up a short metal staircase that led to the most obviously used doorway of the 2 story building. Lena (bravely) knocked on the door, which was answered by a guy in a shitty JC Penny suit. He had an orange aura streaked with red, humanly bright.

The suited good mistook Lena for the evening’s talent, and she boldly stepped into the snuff film-making warehouse and proclaimed herself to be the talent that the suit guy was looking for. He believed her. David snuck into the room under the cover of his Obfuscate. Vito Giovanni came out and looked Lena over, then bitched about how there were supposed to be two girls. Dahlia, much more hesitantly, knocked and pretended to be blond girl number two. Vito and Joey seemed to buy their story. Vito gave each girl 1000 dollars. The two “men” left the front room, then Joey came back alone and giving off vibes of suspicion.

Joey told Lena and Dahlia to follow him into the back. Connell entered the room as Joey and the girls exited. He told them to get dressed and said to surprise him. The room contained two fire barrels, a set of lockers, and a 20 × 15 tarp that was sloshing weirdly. The first locker contained a cheap nun costume with consisting of a habit and wimple. The second locker contained a worn white t-shirt, used Hello Kitty panties and a pair of crocs (the shoes). The third locker was empty. The fourth locker contained three orange prison-style jumpsuits. The fifth locker contained a pile of clown masks. The sixth locker contained a mop and bucket. The bucket was rancid, filled with acidic grossness, potentially stomach contents. Lena tried to put the nun outfit on over her clothes, and Joey pulled a gun on them and told Lena to put the nun outfit on the right way. Dahlia tried to charm Joey, but he didn’t seem to fall for her charm. Dahlia put on the used panties and Lena put on the nun outfit.

Outside, another goon (Tommy) pulled up in a black car. He walked to to the top of the stairs and almost dropped his bags of food at the sight of Katrina standing on the landing. Katrina managed to pull a fast one, convincingly acting nervous and apologizing for being there. Katrina convinced Tommy that she was there for a movie, and apologized for showing up at an inconvenient time. She asked Tommy if she was there on the correct night. Tommy bought her story and her nervous act and let her in. Connell managed to hide behind a large crate, while David remained Obfuscated. Tommy invited Katrina to sit down and soon started massaging her shoulders, trying to make her less nervous. Tommy flirted with Katrina, who fed him french fries and further convinced him of her innocence. Katrina read Tommy’s aura and found that he had a bright blue aura, indicative of calmness, but it contained pulsing red tendrils. The pulsing red tendrils told Katrina that Tommy was a ghoul, which made her suspect that Joey was also a ghoul.

Vito came back down the stairs and asked if there was anything the girls “wouldn’t do”. Lena stated that she wouldn’t do animals. Vito angrily flung back the tarp and showed that underneath was a mucky, fetid pool filled with alligators and the mixed body parts of various young women. He said that if Lena didn’t want to play with animals, she will do as he says, and then Vito dominated Lena into vomiting out her blood pool onto the floor.

Vito laughed and walked back up the stairs while Lena was vomiting. Just seconds after Vito disappeared, Lena frenzied and attacked Joey. Connell exploded into the room to help her, immediately grabbing Joey and holding him down for Lena. The two subdued Joey, and Lena fed from him until she regained control. Katrina somehow managed to convince Tommy that she was innocent and frightened when Lena began to frenzy and Connell jumped out from behind the box and ran into the other room. David suddenly appeared and fired a shot at Tommy. Logically, this pissed Tommy off and he fired right back. Katrina, still pretending to be frightened in the corner, used Movement of the Mind to pull Tommy’s belt from his pants. She used the belt to drop Tommy’s pants and impede his movements.

Sammy, another of Vito’s ghouls, came down from the upper floor of the warehouse and shot at Connell. Joey ghoul-Dominated Connell into letting go of him and managed to run away from Lena and Connell. The big Gangrel leaped over the railing and up onto the stairs in a dramatic fashion, landing in the perfect way to punch Sammy right in the gut. Lena, unable to control her frenzy, chased after Joey. She jumped on him again and grabbed his face. Dahlia ran up the stairs and intervened, taking Sammy’s gun and using her amazing Presence to lure him back to the upper floor for a conversation. Dahlia disappeared upstairs with her new friend Sammy, who wanted to “protect her” from the combat below. Connell quickly ran back downstairs and held Joey down for Lena. Lena finally controlled her rage and suddenly began to administer first aid to Joey, who was very confused by her actions. Joey tried to punch Lena and missed, and Lena convinced Joey to toss his gun away. Joey threw his gun into the gator pond, his emotions softened by Lena’s Dementation.

Back in the front room, David and Tommy continued their gun-battle. David aimed for Tommy’s head, but instead hit him in the shoulder. Katrina used her magically animated belt to lock the deadbolt and seal the outside door so that Tommy could not escape. Tommy, on his back, reached up to try to pull open the door and escape from David, but found himself trapped. Katrina used the belt to strap Tommy to the door handle, effectively trapping Tommy in the room while still pretending to be innocent and frightened. Tommy fired a weak shot at David and missed. David ignored the meal that Katrina had strapped down for him, deciding instead of burn more blood for even greater strength. David used his blood-fueled strength to smash his foot through Tommy’s throat. Tommy’s throat exploded, showering the area around the door with blood and flesh. David went batshit, frenzying at the sight of Tommy’s blood. Katrina’s false fear soon became very, very real.

Upstairs with Sammy, Dahlia found three curtained off areas that Sammy called studios. One studio contained two children – one a 12 year old girl and one a 13 year old Hispanic boy. Both were chained to a wall, bleeding and feebly whimpering. On the ground were pool cues, broom handles, and a big guy in an orange jumpsuit who was wearing a clown mask and holding a bloody broom handle. In another studio was Amber’s corpse. Amber’s head had been smashed in with a fireplace poker.

Dahlia and Sammy talked about business while the battled raged downstairs. Eventually, Sammy took Dahlia in to meet his boss. Vito was sitting between two more ghouls (Gino and Frankie). Dahlia attempted to bargain for Amber’s worldly goods, but Vito gave her nothing (except the wonderful line “I don’t come to your place of business and slap the dick out of your mouth, now do I?”), saying that Amber had been dropped of on his doorstep with nothing but the Kimono she was wearing. As part of their unfortunate deal, Vito gave Dahlia a box to deliver to Patty (Patrick), the bartender at the Domino Room. It was to be delivered by midnight with the message “I’m very sorry that I missed your daughter’s birthday. I hope this present makes up for it. Sorry about that thing outside the church in Belfast. No hard feelings.” She was told to make sure that he opened it, and also told that if she remembered the look on Patty’s face when he saw the contents and reported that look back to Vito he would tell her who had ordered the video that Amber had starred in. Dahlia was told not to open the package under any circumstances and that Vito would know about it if she did.

Back downstairs, David attempted to ride his frenzy, blowing willpower to destroy a crate rather than attacking Katrina. Connell screamed at Katrina to run back into the alligator locker room, then ran around to the far side of the alligator pond. Lena continued to patch up Joey the Ghoul. Katrina ran into the other room and hid behind the lockers. David managed to stagger into the alleyway rather than follow Katrina and Connell. Lena used passion to further calm Joey, then David busted into the alligator room from outside. David was furious, fuming and clawing at the doorway. Katrina used blood magic to lower her generation in case she quickly needed to run from David. Lena used Passion on David to help calm him, and David managed to stumble back into the alleyway and around the corner. Connell followed David, but the now-calm David refused help. He wandered randomly around the warehouse district, looking for something more appetizing than a rat to eat. He found a strange symbol spray-painted onto a sign, and shortly thereafter had a conversation with what was possibly Timmy’s ‘Rag Man’… the one the party was asked not to talk to… the one who might be a Samedi. The man wore a black hat and had very strong power over the darkness in the alley. He called himself Obama when David claimed that his name was Daniel. He did not seem to be fond of David. When David later rejoined the party, he did not inform them about his conversation with the strange man.

After a moment, Katrina dashed up the stairs, knowing that Dahlia has been alone up there for too long. Katrina enhanced her senses and smelled excrement, viscera, and dried blood. Since none of it was fresh, Katrina was reasonably sure that Dahlia wasn’t dead somewhere behind one of the curtains. Katrina heard the Peanuts-esque murmur of voices behind the solid door and determined that she heard two voices, one higher and one lower. Katrina deduced that one voice was probably Dahlia’s, and since she could hear no sounds of combat, no thuds or screams, Katrina began exploring the “studios.” Katrina found the two children, now dead, Amber’s corpse, and she also saw that the other “studio” contained two dead college aged girls as well as plastic tubing, clorox bleach, and various other wierdnesses. Dahlia suddenly slammed out of the room, leaving her meeting with Vito and jarring Katrina’s heightened senses. Katrina quickly took a few shots of Amber’s corpse and viscera with her cell phone, then followed Dahlia down the stairs.

Still outside, Connell found the same emblem that David found spray painted to the sign, except his was etched into the brick above the dumpster outside of Vito’s warehouse. Dahlia and Lena cleaned up and changed back into their own clothes. Dahlia gathered up the Kimono, hidden behind the nun costume, that Amber supposedly wore to the warehouse and a bathrobe from a hotel. Lena pulled a stack of papers from the burn barrel, and Katrina later determined that they were a middle school history textbook. Dahlia, Lena, Katrina and Connell gathered back around Dahlia’s car and tried to contact David.

Lena called David first. David hung up on her. Katrina then called him. He talked to Katrina for a moment, but eventually hung up on her too, and then sent her a picture of his location. They drove to pick him up. As he climbed into the car, his danger sense went off. He yelled a warning to Dahlia who threw the car into reverse and stood on the gas petal. The car jerked, but didn’t move… as if something had lifted the tires from the ground. It jerked again, slammed down and suddenly she was struggling to control its motion. David’s sense of danger did not fade as they drove to the club district so that he could feed.

He left the party by himself, refusing any company, and conned a hooker into following him into a manhole. He proceeded to kill her while the others discussed their plans for the rest of the evening. While David was killing his hooker, Connell did a thorough mechanical investigation of the car and Katrina did a thorough supernatural investigation of the car, and neither of them could find any reason for David’s danger sense.

Lena called Freddie Pertucci and got him to tell her that the real mob boss of the Giovanni/Italian mob was a (vampire) man named Vincenzo Strassi, who hangs out at an Italian restaurant called “The Vine” (that he owns) every Thursday. Vito’s boss was apparently going to entertain a very special guest from New Orleans tonight (which happens to be a Thursday). Freddie told Lena that the cook at The Vine was a Gook.

Dahlia called her sire to ask what she should do with Vito’s box/The Domino Room and Olivia was deliberately NOT helpful, and even told Dahlia that she could not help her.


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